This is how a brazilian soccer game looks like

Do you know Flamengo? Flamengo is one of the biggest soccer teams in the world, and for sure, the biggest one in Brazil. Luckly, at home we are all Flamengo fans! Flamengo is well known by having players with a lot a determination, bravure and for never giving up. Nowadays, the team is not doing fine but still there are a bunch of crazy fans that goes to Maracanã and  yells a lot when Flamengo scores. We are not that fanatics but from time to time, we go to Maracana with the kids, but only when the team is playing against  a team from another state.

And the other issue is price! Remember, we are crush of 5! Luckly, Alexandre and Alice still do not pay (it´s free until they are 12) and Yasmin pays half the price as she is a student. So our tickets generally costs R$ 100,00 (40 for each adult + 20 for a student) which nowadays is around 25 USD. That´s not much when you compare against games in the US but keep in mind that the minimum wage in Brazil is now R$ 788,00. So tickets for a game in a family of 3 (plus 2 kids below 12) would mean ~13% of the minimum wage! And trust me….a lot of families still live with a minimum wage.

But what is the most important thing for me when I take the kids to Maracanã for watching a Flamengo game? To stick to their character, the values preached by the team: perseverance, love and passion.

See a bit how the crazy fans react when Flamengo scores:

Before the goal

After the goal


“Mengo, mengo….go get them Mengo!”




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