Make sure your kids learn how to code


I am sure you heard about that: “Knowing how to code will as important as knowing how to speak english”. How exaggerated do you think this is?  Unfortunatelly (or fortunatelly), I believe  there is not much exaggeration in there. Think about how fast things are chaning and how software is eating the world.

Would you ever imagine that the most valuable transportation company on earth would own no transportation vehicles (Uber)?

How about accomodation? What if I tell you that the largest accomodation provider on earth owns no real state (Airbnb)? Isn´t that crazy enough?

Voice communications? One of the largest phone companies in the world owns no telecommunication infrastructure (Skype).

What can you tell about giants like and Have you heard about the plans Amazon has to deliver products using drones? How insane is that? And most important, what is behind all of that?

Software developers play a big role in that business. There will always be a Steve Jobs bringing the idea and the right people to launch amazing products, right? Not really…I think this time where it was a must to have the best salesman on earth is getting to an end. In most of those very successful software companies, you no longer have those marketing genius such as Jobs, with a full understanding of consumer behavior and responsible for driving innovations. I think we are living in an era where the one used to be called “nerd” is driving that change. Instead of having a good salesman selling for them, “nerds” are learning how to market their own product and how to sell. So they sell during the day the code during the night.

Do you want a famous example? You heard about a guy called Eric Ries? This guy is now millionaire, selling his book everywhere and charging a little fortune for his talks. And what was he doing before that? Writting applications, coding, staying in front of a PC for hours and hours  to launch his company IMVU

So will everybody need to become a “nerd” and know how to build a Facebook? Of course not, but you might want to start making sure your kids know how to program, even if they want to become psychologists or geography teachers. Want some advices?

Scratch – a programing language developed by MIT speacilly to be used with kids

Alice – a educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment. – check that site! Talks to your kids….make sure you let them playing Minecraft for sometime and tell them they can code for fun as well!






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