Coding for kids – a lived experience

Coding1Remember I told you to put your kids to learn how to code?

Let´s agree in one thing here from now on:

I will not tell you to do something with your kids that I did not try with my kids. All right? 😉

January 2016 is the busy vacation month in Brazil. It´s summer time and at least in Rio, it get as hot and humid as in Houston but instead of Galveston, we have the Ipanema beach! 🙂

How about telling your kid that he is going to take a coding class during all sundays of his summer?

That´s what I did with my son Alexandre. As a matter of fact, not only him but 8 other of his friends that play soccer at Ponto Futuro with him. And guess what? They all (almost all) liked a lot!

So let me tell the story from the beggining…

Back in December last year, I met some very interesting people that had recently built a costudying place at Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Most of the guys in there were students from IME, which is considered the best engineering college in Brazil.

Imagine a place full of brilliant people, strong bright in the eyes and passionate for science? What if this place has good leadership? Things happen!

So I suggested Mattana (the guy that leads the place) to build a course for kids and he agreed and came with the crazy schedule: 4 sundays, from 9am to 12pm. Minimum 10 kids.

We got 11 kids averaging 10 years old and they had classes on AppInventor from MIT. The teacher was Andre Luis, the owner of  Ukode and serial entrepreneur.  The guy is a master and besides it all, very good dealing with kids.

End result: After 12 hours of coding classes, during extreme hot and “beach type days”, 10 new kids have become a bit smarter and enjoyed the experience. Including me  and my son.

But their choice will probably make their future a little brigther.






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