Losing fat forever


Creating a blog is always like that (for the weak at least)….you start strong, and when you see that people are not following you and you are having zero views, you get frustrated and you give up. That´s what I did.

But as I am writting also with the objective to improve my writting skills, I will ignore the fact that I have zero views (not even my wife!)

So about the title….you see this picture in initial blog page? I am no longer like that! I DECIDED that I would go back to the weight I had when I ran the NY Marathon, back in 2010. So in 3 months I went from 90 to 82 Kg. And I did that without much suffering.

I basically stopped eating crap food. And by crap food, I don´t mean burguers and chips. I stopped eating rice and bread. And I also went back to the streets to run, following my crazy wife that has also decided to lose 10Kg in 3 months.

I have decided that I will no longer be fat in this life!

My real trick? Writting that in a big white board on my daugther´s room! And looking at that every day!

“I I will lose 8Kg by the end of April”.

Don´t know why but writting and looking into that every day made a lot of difference.

Lesson learned: write more, write your goals, look at them every day.



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