Attention Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Minerva and Singularity University

Raising 3 kids in Brazil, specially at expensive Rio, is not easy. It´s not easy as we (middle class) pay too much taxes and get very little back in services from the government (no decent public education nor health). But you should know that already as it´s the moto for this blog…

One thing that I want in this life is for my kids to  become whatever they want, so that they find complete happiness. And of course, I try to show them that being passionate for what they do, makes a lot of difference, in school, in sports and in everything they do in life.

And I try to bring the best examples I can find. When talking about good colleges, I always bring Harvard, Stanford, MIT and most recently Minerva and Singularity. Would I be able to afford that if one of them ends up studying there?  Of course I would and it wouldn´t be that hard (possibly selling the banana cake made with whole wheat flour that my wife is doing and that it´s healthy and delicious, driving at Uber,  cleaning houses, fixing computers, guiding tourists in Rio, selling Word Press sites to brazilian lawyers and brazilian doctors, building a company to teach programming skills to kids, writting a blog that gives me some thousands of dollars, selling Google Apps for Work, working as project manager, selling my old books and my african masks I bought when I was working at Angola)

But if Alexandre ever gets pre-selected for one of those Ivy league colleges, I think this video below would definetly help him a lot. Forget that this is a compilation of his best defenses as a goalkeeper from last year´s championship.Think about what are the values and beliefs this little guy is building (with the massive help of his mother, not much from his father)

Notice that he should NOT be able to catch some of those balls, due to his size. But also note that he is not afraid of going toward players often much higher than him (high risk for injuries) and that wheneveer he falls, he stands up again very quickly if his area is still at risk.

I, (as a fool father) see a lot more than a decent goalkeeper when I watch this video (which I do from time to time to get inspired). I see a small little giant guy very brave, resillient and a strong believer that nothing can stop his flights! And I can attest for his strong character and that he will become a very decent and good man. I am sure that those are very good attributes for people that will change our world.

So Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Minerva and Singularity…..if you still exist by the time he is 18 (in 7 years), and if he decides he wants to go to college,  you have a great opportunity for having a very brave guy

Alisson – The Fool Father of the Mud Crush


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