What comes to your mind when you think about a Magnate? I bet you thought about Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet…no?

When I think about Magnates, the first name that comes to my mind is Bolt. Usain bolt if you will, but not the fastest man on earth. The one that I am talking about is a 10 years old guy that lives in Belford Roxo and plays indoor soccer with my son, at the Magnates Indoor soccer club at Rocha, a poor neighborhood at Rio de Janeiro.

Magnates nowadays is a decrepit club. But in the past they used to be a very decent club at that region and they were very traditional at indoor soccer. What is happening in Brazil (maybe more in Rio) is that this is the time for big condos with small apartments, but giant play grounds, specially at the suburbs. So the new generation simply gave up on going to those clubs.

But let´s not lose the focus….Bolt´s name is in fact Cauã, and they call him Bolt obviously because he looks like the original one from Jamaica. Bolt is far from being a magnate, if you think about money when talking about magnates. But as per another magnate definition i like better, Bolt is indeed one.

Magnate, noun

“A person of eminence or distinction in any field:”

That´s what Bolt is for the Magnates team. Despite of the fact that he lives in a very poor neighrborhood, at least 2 hours from the Magnates club, and that his father is currently unemployed, the guy is very talented playing soccer and very humble.

The worse that any government can do to a country, is to give up its own kids. Let me say that again: Bolt, a very talented young kid, has to take 4 bus to get to Magnates, which is a decript club at a poor neighborhood.

How many Magnates we are leaving behind in Brazil in many different areas? We are 200 million people!

What am I doing to help on that? I will make sure the Magnates project is not dying because of resources, and I am building a site for getting donations.

And I will make sure my son understands how privileged he is for having the chance to partner with kids like Bolt.

Look at the picture below and take a guess about who is Bolt.




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