Hello you visitor!

Are you interested on knowing more about a weird brazilian family and its adventures living an uncertain country and world and doing the possible to give the best opportunities for their kids? So join us from here and have fun. We will talk about education, politcs, economy, success, failure, brazil, love and passion and of course, family… but all in a very different way.

My name is Alisson and I am the father (yes…Alisson is a men´s name in Brazil and makes total sense to be…..-son (not daugther) of someone that begins with Ali) in the crush. I am 35 years old, so is my wife Aline, and we have 3 wonderfull (hmmpf) kids that will be presented soon. But let me tell you about the blog name first….why Mud Crush?!


wet, soft earth or earthy matter, as on the ground after rain, at thebottom of a pond, or along the banks of a river; mire.



a crowd of people all extremely close together in an area that is too small for them (that´s our rented apartment)

So we are the Mud Crush! Why the hell Mud??

My friend Stanley once told me about a teacher that used to say that family was the “mud group”….the group of  people that wanted to take you (father or the family!) to the mud….the group of people that will make you to stop reading the book you are reading, stop studying on a saturday to go play with the kids and the group that would complain if you decided to take another extension course at night!  I thought to my self: that´s indeed NOT my family, since my wife speacially is very comprehensive, but I decided to pretend it was so that I could give them a hard time and have a wonderful name for our family! So this is how we became the Mud Crush…

So now let me introduce the members of the Mud Crush:

Aline – wife – 35 years old – beautiful smile – great mother – almost never gets angry at me – wonderful wife

Yasmin – daugther 1 – 16 years – nerd – want´s to do Chemical Engineering in the most difficult college to get in (at least in Brazil) – bad humor

Alexandre – son 1 – 10 years – goalkeeper – fanatic for soccer – good student – plays the violin – wants to go to MIT

Alice – daugther 2 – 6 years old – plays soccer (and is quite good!) – talks to everyone in the street (I think she will be a politician) – wants to be a soccer player – (does not watch Breaking Bad)

That´s Alice



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